HPP Aware Professionals

Please contact Soft Bones CanadaΓäó to locate physicians and health care professionals in your area.


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Soft Bones Canada™ has developed this resource to connect patients and their families with Health Care Professionals across Canada that have an awareness of hypophosphatasia.  Though SBC cannot refer or endorse any particular professional, we do understand the unique challenges for patients and caregivers in regards to finding a professional that has even a rudimentary knowledge of this ultra rare disease. These professionals/programs have been referred to us by patients who have had some interaction with them such that he or she is aware of the disease.

SBC welcomes patient/caregiver referrals for professionals and input on support programs in Canada such as family primary care physicians, nurse practitioners, endocrinologists, rheumatologists, dieticians, physiotherapists, massage therapists, dentists, orthopaedic specialists, pain specialists as well as education, caregiver, travel, respite, dental and travel support programs or any resource that has been beneficial to patients and their families in helping to manage HPP.