Discover answers to frequently asked questions and a collection of publications, resources and programs to learn more about research, treatments and living life well with HPP.

About HPP

Hypophosphatasia or HPP is a rare, genetic, metabolic disorder where alterations in the TNSALP gene lead to low alkaline phosphatase activity, and is characterized by soft, weak bones and a form of osteomalacia. Made in the liver, bone and kidney, TNSALP is necessary for muscle metabolism and to mineralize bones and teeth. The defective mineralization can lead to muscle weakness, achy bone pain, fractures, early tooth loss, lack of cementum, and in its severe form, death.

Living with HPP

From low-tech to high-tech, we are gathering useful resources, benefits, tips and programs for patients living with HPP, their caregivers and families. You, or someone you love may need different types of treatments, resources or lifestyle hacks. In taking small steps each day, we aim to support you to live well with HPP.


Media is playing an outstanding role in helping us understand and manage HPP. This strengthens the HPP community - from researchers to patients and families, to health care providers and innovators in therapy discovery.